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The Cloisons Prostyl Corporation is the leading commentator on the Denver airport limousine market sector. The corporation was established in 1995 by Franklin Morris, at one time the owner and operator of BrightStar Limousines in Denver. Mr. Morris sold BrightStar in 1994, and he established Cloisonné Prostyle Corporation to create an authoritative voice which could review the operations of the Denver airport Limousine market. He ran the company out of his home for the first two years, but then he was joined by Michael Ferrington, at one time the owner of Lodestar Limousines, which he sold in 1995. The two moved into a small office in downtown Denver, and ever since then the company has been growing. Today we are an organization of 53 people, still located in downtown Denver, whose focus is now not only on the airport limousine market sector, but also the airport taxi sector.