Denver Airport Limo Adds 5 New Models to Its Denver Corporate Airport Limousine Fleet

Denver Airport Limo reported last week that it has added 5 new luxury models to its Denver  airport limousine fleet. The models are as follows:

1) Chrysler 300 70-inch “Paris Edition.” The Paris Edition of the Chrysler 300 70” offers a 70” wheel base extension and a full vinyl roof. It comes with an overhead control console, illuminated vanity mirrors, and an AM/FM stereo CD/DVD system. It also comes with a computer-balanced driveline extension and facing seats.

2) Rolls Royce Edition of the Mercedes Benz 30.” The Rolls Royce Edition of the Mercedes Benz 30” features all leather seatings, a Mohawk vinyl top with factory rear window, and an upgraded suspension package. It also comes with a rear compartment with tinted windows, a fully balanced drive line extension, and a hardwood center console glassware and ice chest.

3) Cadillac 70” — Rio Edition. This model boasts front chauffeur controls with a Disable feature, a crystal and champagne storage with indirect halo and storage area lighting, and a vanity console with tissue dispenser and trash chute on the package shelf. It also offers dual flat screen, pillar-mounted TVs, two turbo air high output air conditioning and heating systems, and illuminated vanity mirrors with burn guard protectors.

4) BMW 550i 54” — Pullman Executive Edition. The Pullman Executive Edition of the BMW 550i 54” features a 54” wheel base extension with Mohawk-style vinyl roof matching the body color, four folding aluminum desks, and a center console. It also features a turbo air high output air conditioner evaporator system, all leather seatings, and a heavy-duty Mercedes Benz carpet with Jute backing.

5) Porsche Cayenne S 54” — Pullman Premier Edition. This model comes with a proprietary flip seat, drink holders, a fully padded vinyl top, and a hands-free intercom. It also features illuminated vanity mirrors with burn guard protectors, a trash chute on the package shelf, and halo lighting over both the front and rear seating areas.

These five new models, as anyone who knows the limousine industry can instantly see, will make  Denver Airport Limo an even more fierce and formidable competitor than it already is. We wish them well on their way toward becoming the number one airport limousine service in Denver!